Friday, March 1, 2019

Close Call - turning it OFF. Uniden PT & HP models

Close Call – How do I turn it OFF?

Sometimes Close Call is turned on by accident and can be confusing as to how it even happened and how do I turn it off again. 
There are a couple ways it can be turned on and off, but I have found that for most people that are not familiar with the ‘double function’ of certain keys, this is the best way to make the adjustments.

Push the Menu Pad.

Scroll down the menu until you highlight Close Call.

Once Close Call has been highlighted - push the E.Yes button

The Close Call menu will now appear.

Scroll down the menu and highlight Set CC Mode.

Once Highlighted - Push E.Yes.

The Set CC Mode menu will now appear.

Scroll through the menu and highlight OFF and push E.Yes

You have now turned the Close Call (CC) option OFF.

Push SYSTEM to resume scanning.

Close Call can be turned on by accident if you push the FUNC pad and then the AVOID button.

Remember that some buttons have a dual purpose if the FUNC button is pushed prior.

Sometimes - the FUNC pad is pushed then the AVOID button, thinking that this is the correct procedure to AVOID a channel, but in fact your turning a Close Call mode on.

If you look closely at the AVOID button it has the CLOSE CALL symbol to its lower right, which in itself is confusing as it could relate to the 1, 4 or replay button.

Turning the close call function OFF via the keypad can also be done via pushing the FUNC pad and then quickly pushing the AVOID/CC button. 
Repeating this process will cycle through the CC settings until OFF is displayed. 
You would do this three times to return to where you started.
This method takes some practice and is generally the way things got confused in the first place.

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