Saturday, January 7, 2017

UBCD325P2-AU - FREEScan instructions.

How to use FREEScan software with your UBCD325P2-AU.
Windows 7 instructions.
Windows 8 or higher may require the install of an additional driver.

The Uniden UBCD325P2-AU is the Australian version of the US Model BCD325P2.

To connect your UBCD325P2-au to the computer and upload software to the Scanner will require some basic computer knowledge. If you are not confident in saving pictures from your Camera to your computer, you may want to reconsider before attempting this. While every effort is made to keep these instructions as easy as possible some degree of computer experience would be of an advantage.

You must download the latest version of FREEScan software to use with the UBCD325P2-AU. Older versions of FREEScan will not work.

You can download the latest version of FREEScan here.

Once you have installed the updated version of FREEScan connect your Scanner to your computers USB port with the supplied USB cable.
Make sure that the UBCD325P2-AU is powered up - prior to connecting to the computers USB port. There are no adjustments required to the Scanner.

If your using Windows 7 you should not experience any problems with the computer recognising the USB device (UBCD325P2-AU).
However if you are using Windows 8 or later, you may experience some issues with the drivers required.
If you do experience issues with the FREEScan software not recognising your Scanner or the USB connection - please click on this link to download a driver update from UNIDEN.

Open FREEScan software.
To check if your UBCD325P2 is recognised by the software, click on the Scanner Tab on the top left hand side of the software.

If your using a Windows 8 or later - this is where you will find out if the Scanner has been recognised by the Computer.
A small drop down menu will appear.
Select Download Programming.
A Smaller box will appear on the screen, with the title FREEScan -Read from Scanner.
There will be an empty box (white background) on the left hand side.
Click on the Que System List tab.
This will populate the box will all the systems currently installed in the Scanner.
If you wish to download them all , click the Check All tab.
All the systems will all have a tick beside them if you selected them all. At this point there are no other adjustments required, click on the Start Download tab.
Provided the computer has recognised the UBCD325P2-AU the software will now start downloading data from the Scanner.
Depending on how much data is on the Scanner this could take a few seconds to a few minutes.
Once completed, click the close tab.
you can now access the data via the software.

You can find more information regarding FREEScan and windows operating systems here.

To upload a file to your Scanner.

if you have been sent a FREEScan file as an attachment via e-mail, the first thing you should do is save the file somewhere familiar on your computer, in your documents or on the desktop.

When the FREEScan software is open, click on the File tab on the far left corner of the software and a drop down menu will appear.
Click on the Open tab.
Find the location of your saved file and double click on it to open it in FREEScan.
Once the file loads in FREEScan you can now upload it to your Scanner.                        Click on the Scanner tab.
When the menu box drops down again, click on Upload Programming.
Using the same principle of selection as before, either click the ALL tab or manually go through the list of systems you want to upload and tick the respective boxes in the column.
Once you have made your selection, click the Start Upload tab.
Before you actually upload the data - I might suggest ticking the ERASE ALL SYSYEMS AND SETTINGS.
This will create a clean install and remove all the factory data that generally is out of data.
The only other settings you would want ticked are the
Send System Quick Key Status and the Automatically resume Scanning tabs.

Depending on the data - it will take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes to upload to the Scanner.

Once completed - click the Close tab.

You can now remove your Scanner fro your computer.

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