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Single Frequency Entry - Creating a New System & Group

How to store an individual frequency into a SYSTEM.

To store a frequency you have to create a SYSTEM to store it in.

You can put the frequency into a pre-configured system but if the frequency you wish to store relates to the FIRE Dept and your only existing SYSTEM is a Police SYSTEM it would make no sense and add confusion by putting a FIRE Dept Frequency in a POLICE Dept SYSTEM.  This would be the equivalent in an older Scanner of putting a Fire Frequency in a Police ‘Bank’ with all the Police Frequencies.

By creating separate SYSTEMS you can then allocate them Quick Key to turn them on or off similar to turning a ‘Bank’ on or off on older Scanners.

First thing you have to do is obviously have the correct frequencies ready that you wish to store.

For this example we will use – 491.350 NFM

Push the MENU Button.

PROGRAM SYSTEM should be Highlighted.

Push YES.

Select System should be displayed at the top of the screen.

Using the Scroll Dial – rotate it left or right until New System is Highlighted.

Push YES.

Select Sys Type should be displayed at the top of the screen.

Using the dial rotate it left or right until Conventional is highlighted.

Push YES.

The Scanner will now ask to Confirm?

Push YES.

Now the number of the System you have created will be displayed at the top of the screen.

And Edit name will be highlighted.

At this point you can change the name of the SYSTEM to something more user friendly instead of a simple number.

Push YES.

Edit Name will be displayed at the top of the screen.

The current SYSTEM number will also be displayed.

To remove this current text from the screen and re-name the SYSTEM, push the decimal point or NO button twice.

You now have a blank entry point to create your own SYSTEM name.

For example let’s call it FIRE DEPT.

To enter FIRE DEPT – Use the scroll dial to rotate left or right until the letter you wish to use is highlighted.

The first one we want is F.

Once F is highlighted, push the 6 button.

This will move the cursor to the right so you can enter the next letter, I.

Using the scroll dial – repeat the process until FIRE has been entered.

Now to make a space between FIRE and DEPT simply push the 6 button twice after the E in FIRE, to create a space.

Once the text entry has been completed and FIRE DEPT is on the screen you can save it now by pushing the YES button once.

The SYSTEM now has a name. (FIRE DEPT)

FIRE DEPT will now be highlighted on the top of the screen.

Using the scroll dial – rotate it down until Edit System Option is highlighted.

Push YES.

Set Quick Key will be highlighted.

At this point you can now allocate a Quick Key to the SYSTEM so you can turn it on or off quickly via the scanners keypad.

Now if you don’t already have a SYSTEM that has a quick key you can put number 1 in if you want?

You can have as many SYSTEMS allocated to the same number as well.

For example – Some users will allocate ALL their EMERGENCY SERVICES SYSTEMS to quick key ONE.

And their PUBLIC SYSTEMS to quick key TWO.

Then they can alternate between what they want to listen to with the push of two buttons.

Push the YES button to set your Quick Key button.

Using the scroll dia,l rotate to highlight number 1.

Push YES to save your selection.

Now to enter the Frequency – you need to Push the Menu button to return to the previous Menu.

FIRE DEPT should be displayed at the top of the screen.

Edit System Option will be highlighted.

Using the scroll dial rotate it until Edit Group is highlighted.

Push YES.

Select Group will be displayed at the top of the screen.

New Group will be highlighted.

Push YES.

Group 1 will be displayed at the top of the screen and Edit Name will be highlighted.

Push YES.

Repeat the process as mentioned before to change the name of the Group.

Edit Name will be highlighted.

Push YES.

Push the NO button twice to clear the current text.

Inside each SYSTEM  you have groups. These groups can be useful to store relevant frequencies for each individual user inside the Fire Dept System.

For example Your System is called the FIRE DEPT, but inside that SYSTEM you may want to create a series of smaller individual groups that relate to other users that all come under the FIRE DEPT `Umbrella’.

There might be `Dispatch’ would be Group 1

Rescue might be Group 2

Recovery might be Group 3

Each Group may have four or five individual frequencies allocated to their ‘Section/Region/Area.’

We won’t get to involved in this just yet as this is a whole other section, so for today’s lesson stick with one group!

Let’s call this group `Local Region’.

Once you have typed in `Local Region’

Push YES to save your text.

Now the top of the screen should show LOCAL REGION.

Using the scroll dial rotate it until Edit Channel is highlighted.

Push YES.

Finally after all your hard work you can now enter the frequency!

Select Channel will be displayed at the top of the screen.

New Channel will be highlighted.

Push YES.

Now you can type in 419.350 (or whatever your frequency may be.)

Now push YES to  save.

Now the frequency will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Edit Name will be highlighted.

At this point you can now give the frequency a name if you desire!

Handy when they actually use the frequency as your scanner will then display the users name.

419.350 may be your Regional Fire Dispatch frequency – so typing in Reg Dispatch, means it will come up on the scanners screen when they talk.

If you want to name the frequency – repeat the text input method as explained earlier.

Once you have entered the name of the frequency,

Push YES to save your changes.

Now at this point you are pretty much ready to scan this frequency.

You have created a SYSTEM and you have created a group inside the SYSTEM to allocate the frequency to.

Now all you have to do is push the SCAN button and your in business!

If you want to check its going correctly you should see FIRE DEPT come up on the screen and a small number representing your SYSTEM showing on the SO line of the scanners screen.


Good luck.

Any issues – email me at

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Victorian CFA Digital - Database. (FREEScan)

Victorian Emergency Services Data base.
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Victorian Regional Police - while still available to listen.
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The initial file will be e-mailed to you and a back up copy on CD posted directly to your address.
Also includes a copy of Freescan software and relevant set up instructions required to enable the UBCD396XT to accept the data file.

You will require a computer with a serial port connection or purchase a USB to serial port adaptor to connect your scanner to your computer. I can also supply these or check out your local electronics store - DSE or Jaycar. etc.

Take the headache out of trying to manually set up your scanner with this complete load an go file.
I can also customise the file to suit your exact location.

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