Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sentinel Software for the Uniden UBCD436PT and UBCD536PT.

Sentinel Software.

The following information and instructions are based on a Windows 7 operating system.

Sentinel version - UBCDx36 is for use with the following Scanners - UBCD436PT and UBCD536PT.
This software is NOT compatible with the US models BCD436HP or the BCD536HP.

The actual individual data files, known as a 'Favorites' that are created using the software can be shared between the US and AU models - this requires that the user imports the individual file into their respective software.
If you create a 'Favorite' in the AU version of the software it can be imported into the US version of the software, but the actual software itself does not communicate or recognise Scanners from a different country.

For the latest version of Australian Sentinel Software please use this link.

Click on the PC programming Tool "Sentinel" download tab.
Follow the instructions to install the software.

Once 'Sentinel' has been downloaded and opened, you can now connect your Scanner.


1. Power up the Scanner.
2. Connect your Scanner, insert the supplied USB lead into the computer. Then insert the other smaller end into the USB port on the right hand side of the Scanner. The Scanner will not recognise the connection until it is put into PC Programming mode. (Desktop model UBCD536PT has USB connection on front panel)
3. Push the MENU pad on the left hand side of the Scanner. (Front panel on UBCD536PT) This will bring up the MENU display.
Using the volume dial, scroll through the screen until 'Settings' is highlighted. then push the E.Yes  button to confirm your selection.
This will open up the Settings Menu on the Scanner.
4. Using the volume dial, scroll down the menu display until "PC Programming" is highlighted, then push the E.Yes button to confirm.
Your Scanner will display - PC Programming Mode ?, select E.Yes to confirm.
Your Scanner will now go into PC Programming mode.
The Scanner should now be connected to your computer and should communicate with the software when required.
At this point you can either download information from the Scanner to Sentinel or upload information from Sentinel to your Scanner.
For this example I will show you how to download from the Scanner.
5. on the top left hand side of Sentinel there are 7 tabs to select as shown here..
File  Edit  View  Scanner Update Tools Help
Select Scanner by placing your mouse over the tab and left clicking.
A small drop down menu will now appear.
Left click on Read From Scanner.
A box will now appear and if connected correctly to the computer, your Scanners ESN (electronic serial number) will appear inside a blue band as shown in the example below.
Click the OK tab to confirm.
The software will now download the information from the Scanner to the software.

Once the data is downloaded to Sentinel you can now modify the files to suit your individual needs.
Check back here soon for additional information!!!
You can also view a video here of how to import a HPE file into Sentinel.

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