Saturday, May 28, 2016

APCO Phase II - The basic concept.

Many people have asked me - “What is Apco P25 Phase II for”?
A good example is the Victoria Digital CFA Network.
Currently the CFA Digital network uses an Apco P25 system, each frequency is based on a 12.5kHz step. (Space between each frequency)
At this point - only one channel or talk group can used for the individual frequency.
For example - Let’s say A CFA member may talk on frequency 161.0000.
While this frequency is being used, no one else in that general location can use the same frequency.
Ok - well thats not entirely true - but we want to keep this simple..disregard CTCSS and NAC codes for a minute.
To make better use of the CFA allocated frequencies, you can add Phase II, this means that two users can now talk on the same frequency at the same time without congestion or overlap of voice.
It’s as simple as that.
Phase II simply turns 10 frequencies into 20 useable frequencies by allowing a second transmission on the same frequency.
Now - a UBCD396XT Scanner is NOT Phase II capable..
A UBCD536-PT and a UBCD436-PT however are.
So when the CFA decide to start using Phase II, you may want to update your Scanner..
You can find out more here.

Friday, April 22, 2016

UBCD436-PT How to access your CFA Districts.

How to access your Favourites - (CFA Districts) on your UBCD436-PT.
Here is an easy way to turn your data ON or OFF via the Scanners menu.
Each CFA District is referred to as a ‘Favorite’. (Yes - It’s US spelling)
Each ‘Favorite’ can be turned on or off at your discretion.
Power up the Scanner.
Push the Menu pad on the left side of the Scanner.

The MENU button is located directly below the FUNC (Function) button, on the left hand side of the Scanner

Set Scan Selection will be highlighted.

Set Scan Selection

Push the E.yes button located on the bottom right of the keypad.

The E.yes button must be pushed to CONFIRM your selections. The E.yes button is located on the lower right hand side of the keypad.

Manage Quick Key Status will be highlighted.

Manage Quick Key Status

Push the E.yes button located on the bottom right of the keypad again.
Favorites Quick Key will be highlighted.

Favorites Quick Key will give you access to the complete list of 'Favorites' stored on the Scanners data-base

Push the E.yes button located on the bottom right of the keypad again.
At the top of the screen it will say `Set Quick Key Status’.

Set Quick Key Status screen will display the list of Favorites in the data base and the current status of each one.

By using the volume dial, rotate it clockwise to highlight your selection.
As you scroll down the list of each `District’, you will see to the right if that particular selection is ON or OFF.
Highlight the CFA district you wish to turn on or off and then push the E.yes button.
By pushing the E.yes button repeatedly it will turn the highlighted selection, on or off.
For example - If your only interest was to listen to District 4, you would turn ALL the others OFF and leave only District 4 ON.

The example above shows that only District 4 has been turned ON

Any combination or ‘Districts’ can be on at the same time.
There are no limits or preferences to how many or which ones are on or off, but remember – the more that are active, the slower the scanning rate.
Once you have completed your selection of what to monitor, simply push the SYSTEM button to put the Scanner into `Scan’ mode.
The Scanner will now only monitor the selections you have made.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ozscan is now on Facebook.

Finding time to update my blog page on a regular basis is proving to be harder than I first expected.
Due to work and family commitments, finding the extra hour a week is almost impossible, with this being the first chance to update the site in weeks!

I have now created a Facebook page to also assist those who have purchased a UBCD536-PT Scanner or CFA members who have the UBCD436-PT Scanner.

You can view the Facebook page via this link.

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