Saturday, August 18, 2018

New Sentinel Software update - DMR NXDN and Pro-voice.

By now some of you may be already aware that there is now the option to add DMR - NXDN and Pro-voice to your UBCD436PT and UBCD536PT Scanners.

This option requires that you purchase an access key to enable the DMR - NXDN or Pro-voice option.

To add these options to your Scanner you must first update the firmware via Sentinel Software.
You require version 1.03  (UBCDx36 Sentinel - Australian Version).

you can download the latest version of Sentinel directly from the web page.

This link will take you to the UBCD436PT page - use the download link on this page to obtain the latest version of Sentinel.

Once you have installed the latest version of Sentinel you can now connect your Scanner and update the firmware.

The new firmware will install the DMR NXDN and Pro-voice updates, but it wont actually let you use them - yet.

You then have to purchase an access key to be able to use the new options.

You can purchase the access keys here.

Each option requires it's own individual key.

Follow the instructions provided to install your access key.

Pro-voice option is only really useful for Tasmanian users monitoring the Edacs network.
When listening to Edacs - make sure that you set the Scanner to ID search to locate new Pro-voice users that may not already bee stored in the Scanners data card.

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