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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Uniden discontinue the UBCD396XT Handheld Scanner.

Uniden Australia have officially ceased production of the UBCD396XT handheld Scanner.
After nearly four years of production and virtually thousands of scanners being sold all over Australian it has finally reached the end of its life.
There are some excellent deals on offer on remaining Scanners through some Ebay sellers offering the UBCD396XT for as little as $360 each inc postage!

The replacement Scanner will be the BCD325P2-AU

The BCD325P2-AU is available from several suppliers or you can e-mail me direct at ubcd396xt@outlook to secure one.

I can supply the Scanner pre-configured to suit Victoria - South Australia or NSW.
(Government Radio Networks and Emergency Services.)


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  2. Hi,

    I have owned and used about seven 396Xt's over the years, (and worn out a few) still have three and one of them bought on Ebay for $300.

    Even though NSW Police have gone encrypted in my area the other agencies are of immense interest and the 396 has been a great performer even though the headphone socket and dial frequently fail, frequency wise they are very sensitive.

    I bought a 436-PT and i'm so disappointed in it.

    Biggest gripe is it's lack of sensitivity with the supplied antenna. Side by side with a 396, the 436-PT is deaf. I had to buy a larger whip style antenna from Andrews just to put into ballpark with the 'old' 396.

    Also the keyboard layout is a puzzle as is programming the dopey thing. That said, on a good day the audio is great.

    But I can't wear it on a belt due to the long aftermarket antenna and without the long antenna it's deaf.

    So all of that said, how does the BCD325P2-AU perform? is it at least as good as the 396?

    Frank Redward