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UBCD396XT - First Time - Removing Unwanted Systems

UBCD396XT - First Time - Removing Unwanted Systems
The UBCD396XT comes pre-installed with data from Uniden to get you up and running straight out of the box, but some of this data is out dated and useless in most areas.
You will notice the first time you switch the scanner on and push the Scan button it will start scanning all the pre-loaded Systems... problem is that the scanner contains data for each state of Australia and New Zealand.
This means that if you live n Tasmania - the pre-loaded NSW system is of no use to you at all... so the scanner has to go through all the NSW data and the other states before it returns to the Tasmanian data.
You need to remove the System that has no relevance to your area.
This not only makes the Scanner do its job quicker - it also stops the scanner from picking up transmissions in your area and showing them under a different System (State) name.

For example the NSW System may have 413.3750 in its data base and the SA System may also have 413.3750 in its database.. problem is that the NSW System may be allocated in the scanners database, before the SA System.. as the scanner goes through the data, someone in SA (Where I live) may talk on 413.3750 but it will appear as NSW on the screen..  that's why it's good to remove the unwanted pre-installed data before you start using the scanner.

Its easy enough to do and will save you a lot of headaches!
Depending on where you live - only remove the Systems that are of no relevance to you - as I live in SA I want to remove everything but the SA data.

Turn the scanner ON.

Menu will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Program System will be highlighted as shown below....

Push YES

Select System will be written at the top of the screen.

ACT-Public will be highlighted.
Scanner has the following Systems Pre-installed.
ACT- Public
NSW Public
NT Public
NZ Public
QLD Public
SA Public
TAS Public
VIC Public
WA Public
NEW SYSTEM (this is for NEW Data to be entered-will cover this one later)

To remove the SYSTEM that you don't require, use the dial and rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise and Highlight the SYSTEM you wish to delete.

Lets delete NZ Public. (No offence to New Zealanders)
but as you can understand NZ Public has no relevance here in Australia - so lets delete it!

Highlight NZ Public.

Push YES

NZ Public will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Use the dial and rotate it clockwise unitl Delete System is highlighted.

Push YES

Confirm Delete will appear on the screen asking you YES or NO.

Push YES

Processing Please Wait will appear on the screen. Depending on the size of the System you are removing this may take a few seconds up to a Minute for larger ones like the NSW GRN MOT.

The screen will then revert to the previous MENU Screen.

Program System will again be highlighted as shown below....

Push YES

Now you can select another SYSTEM to delete using the same method as before.

Once the all the Systems that are no longer relevant have been removed and the screen returns to the Main Menu screen where we started - Push the SCAN button.

The scanner will now start scanning the remaining system relevant to your area.

The data base that is pre-loaded into the new UBCD396XT was 'carried over' from the older UBCD396T model and may still contain out dated data. Removing a System may not resolve all problems.
It is known that the Pre-installed NSW-GRN MOT database is out dated and is now using a different system all together now (Apco25) I have also been told that most of the Tasmanian data is also useless.
I did however find that the SA-GRN MOT data base was correct and up only requires entry of a couple more updated frequencies to make it work perfect.

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