Monday, December 26, 2011

UBCD396XT - Finding Frequencies in your Area

Having trouble finding whats going on in your area?

This is an easy way to find activity in your area - this information is available from the Australian Communication and Media Web page.

The quick way to see whats available to listen to in your area - is by clicking on this link inside the Australian Communications and Media Web Page, you can do a search via your Postcode to see whats available.
Clik here -

When the page opens up - simply type in your postcode in the two boxes available...
For Example - Type in 3000 in the Low Postcode Box and then type in 3000 in the High Postcode Box.
Then type in 30 in the Low Frequency Box (Select Mhz) and then type in 500 in the High Frequency Box (Select Mhz).
Once all filled - simply click the 'RUN ENQUIRY' box.

It will take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes to load up all the licenced frequencies for your area.. if you wish to widen the search area, simply type in a higher Postcode number in the second box.
If you wish to narrow or widen the frequency search - simply type in the two alternate lower and higher numbers that are of interest to you...

Once the page opens - click on the 'Frequency' tab on the second column to sort the frequencies into numerical order...

Now you can either print the pages or cut and paste them into a speadsheet file....

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