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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Service Search with Scan - How to set up.


The UBCD396XT Scanner is pre-set with the following Service Searches...

CB Radio
UHF CB Radio
Racing FM Broadcast
& Railroad

While some of these may be out dated like the 'Police' for example, others are quite active...

To add one of these services to your currently scanned selections - follow these instructions.

Firstly - pick out which Service you may want to add, to be scanned along with your current data...

For this exercise - I'm choosing the Air Band.

Then find an empty keypad number that does not have a system already allocated to it..
If your not sure, look at the scanners screen while it is scanning.
Along side the letters SO: there will be a series of numbers, these represent the active systems in the scanners database.
Yes - they are in lay mans terms - Active banks..

So if you have 6 active systems going it will look like this..
SO: 1 2 3 4 5 6

So we know that we can allocate the Air band to button 7 on the key pad.

Push Menu button so MENU is displayed at top of screen.
Using the Volume Dial - scroll down the screen until SEARCH FOR is highlighted.
Push YES.
Using the Volume Dial - scroll down the screen until EDIT SERVICE  is highlighted.
Push YES.
Edit Service will be displayed at the top of the screen.
Air will be highlighted. 

 Push YES.
Scroll down the screen until Search with Scan is highlighted.
Push YES.
Set Quick Key will be highlighted on the next screen.
Push YES.
Scroll down and select number 7.
Push YES.
Scroll down the screen until Set Lockout is highlighted.
Push Yes.
Default setting is Lockout.
Scroll Up the screen until Unlocked is highlighted.
Push YES.
Now push SCAN..
This has now allocated the AIR Band to keypad number 7.
You can now turn off the AIR band during scanning with the simple push of keypad number 7.
This means if you only want to monitor the AIR bands - switch all others off using their corresponding keypad numbers and
leave number 7 (Air Band) active.
 When monitoring any service searches like the Air or Marine bands, you may come across some static or 'birdies' as they are called.
When the scanner stops on these frequencies, simply push the LO button. This will temporarily lock out the offending noise until such time as you turn off the scanner
and then turn it back on again.
Make sure that your squelch is not set too low as well. This will pick up more noise and slow the scanner down.
To set squelch - Push the FUNC button and you will see a small letter 'F' on the top left of the display.
While this 'F' is showing push down on the Volume dial until it clicks.
This will open up the Squelch metre.  Using the volume dial - turn it clockwise to adjust the squelch to around 6. Once done, click down on the Volume dial once again, then push Scan.
To monitor to other Service Search bands, repeat the process above, but this time allocate keypad number 8.
You can also combine all the Service searches into one keypad number if you like.. they can quite happily share the same keypad number..
Some people may like to enter the Air and Marine on the same button - the choice is yours.