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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buying a UBCD396XT - What to ask?

Buying a UBCD396XT - What to ask?

Are you considering buying a UBCD396XT?

Here are a couple quick things to take into consideration before you buy one.

If your buying a UBCD396XT to listen to Police - be aware that most Police in Australia use Encryption on their voice transmissions, meaning you CAN NOT hear them.
However, in certain regional areas of Australia some Police are still transmitting on an Analogue frequency, but this may all change in the future as most Police forces are pushing for TOTAL digital encryption on all their radio equipment.
If your unsure of what is available in your area, please feel free to write and ask.

If your planning on using your UBCD396XT with your computer - you will require a serial port connection on your computer - similar to the picture shown below.
The cable supplied with the UBCD396XT scanner is to suit a serial port connection only!
(Most older desktops will have a serial port connection on the back)

If you do not have a serial port connection available on your computer you will require the purchase of a serial to USB conversion cable - $10-$30 from your local electrical supplier or on-line. (Ebay etc)

One end goes into the USB port on your computer and the other end joins to the supplied Uniden cable.
Most USB to Serial cables will require the installation of a 'driver' to make them work.

There is plenty of software available on the internet to use with these scanners, the best I have found is FREEScan .  
This is a FREE download and requires no payment. 

To download FREEScan - click on the link below.

When using any computer software, some basic knowledge of computers would be an advantage!

If your planning on putting the scanner in the car, It is advised to buy a 'powered external speaker'...
The external earphone jack does not amplify the volume and adding a simple $25 external CB speaker will do nothing to add to the sound quality over road noise.
A powered speaker will amplify the sound and give much better sound quality.
Diamond P1010
I have used Diamond P1010 speakers with great success - giving excellent audio quality and a major boost to the handhelds volume output!
With a RRP of $499 there are plenty of retailers currently selling the UBCD396XT scanner well below the recommended retail price.....
Remember just because a retailer has it cheap - does not always mean the best deal. 
Make sure your retailer has at the least, some sort of electronics background.
Comes in handy if they have to solve a problem.

Happy Scanning.