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Friday, September 15, 2017


Welcome to the latest Ozscan update.

With summer fast approaching and record winter heat waves, this year's fire season is expected to be one to watch out for.
While no one want's a bush fire and I certainly don't want to see any to help sell Scanners it seems that the sales of Scanners skyrocket after the first couple major fires last year leaving many to end up paying ridiculously high prices from some retailers and stock running quite low for consumers.
As my mother always said to me 'Prevention is better than cure'.

I have done a little research and checked out the best prices on-line and have come up with a supply list as follows:

27th Feb 2018

Uniden UBCD325P2AU - $610 - Handheld
Uniden UBCD436PT - $705 - Handheld
Uniden UBCD536PT - $739 - Desktop/in car

I currently have these models available and shipping can be supplied by Startrack Express, which is generally overnight in most areas.

As an added bonus, all three of these models can be supplied with updated data to cover the following areas, depending on your needs at no extra charge.
So before you buy elsewhere - ask - does their Scanner come with an OZSCAN update? NO.

NSW GRN including the RFS

SA GRN including the new CFS digital channels

Tasmanian EDACS

Victorian CFA network and the MMR

If you would like to see a more in depth PDF document on the individual data file to suit your area, please request a copy by e-mailing me at
I am more than happy to send you out a copy of the relevant PDF guide to view.

If you already have a Uniden PT Scanner (SD card model) and would like to purchase an updated Micro SD card, you can purchase them directly from me via e-mail or via my facebook page or e-mail me direct at

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