Monday, November 23, 2015

New Updated Micro-SD Cards for the UBCD436-PT or BCD436HP and BCD536HP Scanners.

Purchased a BCD436HP, BCD536HP or own a UBCD436-PT and now want to use it to monitor the Victorian Emergency Services - SA GRN or the NSW GRN?

Available NOW! Updated Micro-SD Card for your BCD436HP, BCD536HP and UBCD436-PT Scanner to monitor the Victorian Regional Police - Victorian SES - St John Ambulance and HF,UHF CB and MMR (Melbourne Metro Radio).

Contact me at for your Micro-SD Card.

As you can see from the pictures below - both scanners look identical but except for the model numbers.

One on the RIGHT is the new CFA UBCD436-PT
* Hard to see in the photo, but the UBCD436-PT's screen is also not as bright as the BCD436-PT.

Sentinel Software can not be shared by the scanners.
Each scanner has its own version.

Butel Software are currently developing a version of software to suit the new
UBCD436-PT and the pending UBCD536-PT desktop.
Q - Can I put the Micro-SD from my BCD436HP into the UBCD436-PT and will it work?
A - NO - They both have different firmware and a card from either unit will not work in the other unless it has been formatted - meaning data erased.
Q - Can you load data from the US Sentinel Software into the Aussie Sentinel Software.
A - NO - again they are both different. You can however have both software programs open and cut and paste between them, but very time consuming.
Q- Can the UBCD436-PT work for Tasmania's EDACS systems.
A - the UBCD436-PT has the same gap in the 800 Mhz range as it's US cousin.
This does not seem to have been resolved - I believe that because the CFA had no interest in the 800Mhz range, this was not updated from the US model.
  Let's hope that the Public version of the scanner due in April 2016 has this resolved!
UBCD436-PT has a gap at 868.9875MHz and then jumps to 894.0125Mhz - Same as the BCD436HP.

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