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Saturday, June 28, 2014


As a lot of Victorian Scanner users would now be aware, the CFA are now using their new P25 Digital Network.
However long time analogue scanner users are having `issues’ coming to terms with how the new UBCD39XT actually works.

To take the headache and misery away from how your new expensive paperweight works, I can now supply a State-wide Emergency Services file, that not only has the Victorian CFA digital network, it also includes the Melbourne Metro Radio System and Regional Police.
Once loaded into your scanner the file is easy to manage and each individual 'System' can be turned ON or OFF similar to the way a 'Bank' used in older scanners. 

If you are comfortable to `have a go yourself’ I can supply the data file direct to your e-mail address as an attachment for $30, this also includes a back up CDR posted directly to you.

The file can be tailored to suit you location if required.
If you’re still not confident enough to attempt the data transfer yourself, you can post the scanner to me directly and I will upload the data, ensure all settings are correct and send the scanner back - generally this is around 3-5 days depending on your location.
Charge - $30.
You will have to supply a return post satchel.
Requests can be sent to

This is excellent value for money considering once the upload is complete it’s simply a matter of turning the scanner on – and it will work.

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