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Friday, October 25, 2013

Uniden UBCD396XT - Whats In the Box.

Uniden UBCD396XT - Whats In the Box.
Looking at purchasing a new Uniden UBCD396XT Digital Scanner? 
Here's a quick look at what to expect when you open the box and what it all means.

1 x UBCD396XT Scanner
1 x Antenna
1 x AC Power Adaptor
3 x Rechargeable Batteries (2300 mAh)
1 X Data Transfer Cable (Serial Port)
1x Wrist Strap
1 x Belt Clip
1 X BNC/SMA Adaptor
1 x Owners Manual (CD Rom)
1 x Printed Quick Start Guide

The Power supply for these scanners is a 'switching type' power supply.
The same type as used on the US Version - BCD396XT.

A closer picture of the power supply below
INPUT 110-240 Volts-50/60Hz 300mA
OUTPUT 6 V - 800mA
Centre pin - Positive

Don't Expect a detailed manual to hold in your hands - the manual is on a disc and can be printed off if required, just make sure you have plenty of ink!

To attach the supplied antenna, simply screw it onto the SMA connection located on top of the scanner as shown below.

If you wish to use an antenna with a BNC fitting - use the supplied SMA/BNC adaptor.

Screw the adaptor onto the top of the scanner and this will then let you attach a BNC type antenna as shown in the picture below.
(Ideal for applications where an external antenna may be required)

One item that seems to always get broken within minutes of using is the belt clip.
Make sure that you attach the belt clip upside down and twist it up to lock in.
Forcing it on the incorrect way - will break the retaining clip.!

Slide the belt clip down over the metal bollard
 Rotate the belt clip Clockwise

Align belt clip in vertical position and it will now lock into position.
Reverse the process to remove the belt clip.

The Battery Compartment holds the 3 supplied 2300mAh batteries.
You can use normal AA batteries but remember to slide the small switch to the left if using normal non- rechargeable batteries. 
A few common sense tips - most of you should already be aware of...
Warning! DO NOT try to charge non rechargeable batteries! 

Do not store batteries for prolonged periods inside the scanner.
If the scanner is not to be used and will be stored - make sure batteries are removed from the compartment.

The serial number - what it means?

Each scanner manufactured has a serial number - this indicates the Model and the build date.
Serial Number '28000977' shown in the picture below breaks down to:
2=the year made - 2102
8=the month made - August
000977=number 977

I would suggest recording your serial number for security and insurance.

The Keypad is well laid out and quite easy to use - even with large fingers!

Uniden Australia load each scanner with a basic data base to get you up and scanning straight away but in some instances this data may be incorrect or out of date and simply not relevant for your location any more.  As this information can change all the time it is the up to the end user (customer) to ensure that the information being used is correct.
Information on frequencies used in your location can be found by searching the Australian Communications and Media Authority Web page.

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