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Tasmanian EDACS File available NOW!

Tasmanian EDACS File 
Free UBCD396XT to anyone who can catch me one of these.!


Data file contains complete EDACS State wide system - can be used virtually anywhere in Tasmania that the EDACS system is used.

This data file includes POLICE and SES Talk group IDS.      
(Some Police may be encrypted) Version 7 File also contains ALL users of the EDACS system including some power suppliers.
This data file is free for your use. NO CHARGE!

You can see below from this 'Screen Save' of the FREESCAN software that the data file contains all the relevant Tasmanian EDACS regions.
(Screen shot is of Version 4 - but the basic view is the same on all Versions)

The file can only be opened in FREEScan, so you will have to download a copy from here.

This file will be modified and updated on a regular basis so please fell free to check back and see what version is available.

Thanks must go to 'Adam' and the folks from the 'Scanning Tasmania' web page.
Brilliant web page and loads of information!
Without this web page I would not have been able to complete my data file.
You can check it out here -

If you would like a copy of this data file for your UBCD396XT scanner please feel free to request a copy at - Please write Tasmanian File in the subject heading.

Last update - 12th Jan 2014 - 8:00am


How to update your EDACS site.

These instructions are based on the fact that you have already created a site for the System you are updating.

If you have not already got a Tasmanian EDACS system in your scanner - it would be suggested you download a copy of `Freescan’ and then upload the Tasmaina Data file to your scanner. The latest file should have all the correct data anyway - but if you a 'hands on' person you may want to use these instructions and update manually via the keypad.

Follow these instructions to update your frequencies.


Push YES

Using the volume dial rotate it left or right and highlight the system you are updating.

For this example I will use the `West Coast’ system and `Strahan’ site.

Highlight `West Coast’

Push Yes

Scroll to Edit Site

Push Yes

Scroll to select `Strahan’

Push Yes

Scroll to Set Frequencies

Push Yes

IMPORTANT the frequencies MUST be entered in logical channel order!

To make the job easier – write them all down in order on a sheet of paper.
Information is available from -

Now when you are in the SEL FREQUENCY mode you will see the previous frequencies that are entered.

Now starting with the first frequency, cross reference with it your list.

If they match and are in the same order, scroll to the next one.

Follow this procedure until you find one that does not match.

While the incorrect frequency is highlighted push YES

The Frequency will show at the top of the scanners screen and a list of edit options will appear below.

Using the scroll – highlight Edit Frequency

Push YES

Now type in the new frequency and push Yes.
The Scanner will now ask for the `LCN' (Logical Channel Number)
Now make sure that that you enter the correct LCN number! (Check your list)

To check that the scanner has accepted your update – push the MENU button on the left side of the scanner to go back to the previous menu screen.

Now you should be able to scroll up and down to see that the changes have been made.

Now if the frequency didn’t need updating but simply the addition of a new frequency, repeat the process again but this time select NEW FREQUENCY in the ‘Sel Frequency’ screen menu.

Remember if adding a new Frequency – make sure you still add the LCN number as well or it simply wont work correctly.

Once all frequencies have been updated - simply push the SCAN button to get the Scanner active again.

If you have any questions or comment regarding this information or experience any problems using these instructions, please let me know asap so updates and modifications can be made.

Updated 12th Jan 2014  8:00am

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