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Saturday, January 14, 2012

UBCD396XT - Technical Data - SA GRN settings.

For those who are confident enough to create their own 'NEW ' System to follow the SA GRN, you will need these settings.

These settings are also available from the scanners pre-installed factory Database via its menu....

Band Plan Settings.
Select band Plan - CUSTOM
Band Plan 1
Base Freq Lower- 412.4750
Base Freq Upper - 413.4625
Input Offset - 380
polarity +
Set Spacing - 12.5KHz

Band Plan 2
Base Freq Lower - 415.1250
Base Freq Upper - 418.8625
Input Offset - 460
Polarity +
Set Spacing - 12.5 kHz

Set Modulation - NFM
Set ID Scan/Search - Search
Set Delay Time - 2 sec
Set Status Bit - Ignore
Set End Code - Factory Setting is IGNORE, but personally I select Analog.

You can find the control channels relevant for your area from here.

These settings also apply to any of the Imported US Scanners including the BCD396XT and the Desktop BCD996XT.

Many thanks to Matt and his SA Scanning site.
Without his dedication and hardwork most of us would still be in the dark!

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