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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


How to upgrade your Remote Head Firmware.

Uniden Australia have released a firmware upgrade for the UBC-RH96 (Remote Head Unit) to suit the new UBCD396XT.

This firmware upgrade is for the remote head unit - NOT the SCANNER!

All NEW remote heads sold from Uniden Australia after Feb 2012, should have had the update completed.. but recently I have discovered (Aug 2012) that this is not the case - some remote heads being sold are still early Version 1.00.00 firmware and wont work correctly unless the upgrade is done.

18th July 2013 - Uniden Australia still advertise the remote head unit on their web  page.
This item has now been discontinued and is no longer available directly from Uniden Australia.

To check the remote heads firmware follow these steps.

1. Turn on the remote head unit and power it up.

In the first few seconds it takes to power up, the firmare version will be displayed quickly on the screen...

If the firmware upgrade has not been done it will show - Version 1.00.00

If the Firmware upgrade has been done - it should show Version 2.00.01

Early model remote heads that where sold with the UBCD396T and UBCD996T scanners will require this upgrade if attempting to use them with a UBCD396XT.

To complete this upgrade you will have to download two files from Uniden Australia and you will also require the Serial Port cable supplied with your scanner.

If you do not have a serial port on your computer, you will have to purchase a USB to serial port cable.

WARNING! - Updating your remote head to version 2.00.01 firmware will render it useless on the UBCD396T and UBCD996T scanners as they are not compatible with the new firmware upgrade.


You will need to visit Uniden Australia's UBCD396XT page.

On the right hand side of the page you will need to click on the SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD, as shown below....

When you click on the Software Download a second window will appear as shown below.
This is the 'Firmware Upgrader' 
(This program is required to upload the firmware upgrade.)

Click on Save and save the download to your computer - somewhere easy to locate when required!
Once saved - Unzip /Open the file so it is ready for use.

When saving these files, DO NOT change the name of them at any time, as they will NOT work!

Resist the temptation to change the name of them to something more familiar - if your one of these people that has a 'Goldfish' memory - write down the name of the file and its location!

Once you have saved the 'Upgrader', you will now have to click on the 'Firmware Upgrade' as shown below.

Once again - another window will appear requesting you to save the file.

Save the file again - to somewhere easy to find!

IMPORTANT - Once you have saved the actual firmware upgrade - you MUST 'unzip' the file in its stored location. Unzippng the file will give the actual upgrader applicaton access to the 'opened' file.
If you do not 'unzip' the file - it will not open in the software upgrader application and cause you headaches!

Now once both files have been saved to a location on your computer, you need to open the first file you saved (downloaded)

This file is called - UBC_VUP Firmware Update Loader

(I saved my file to the desktop - so it was easy to find)

Open/Unzip the file first...

Now if done correctly the file should open up as shown below.

A smaller box will also appear as shown below.
(This generally appears INSIDE the previous display)

Click on the 'OK' Tab.
(You will now have to find the folder or location where you saved the Firmware Upgrade)
Once you have located the Firmware Upgrade from the Folder or Location where you saved it.


Click on the saved file and it should open up another window as shown below.

Follow the instructions on the screen!
The remote head MUST be powered up at all times.
The upgrade should take around 5 minutes.
The most common problems are the software NOT recognizing the 'communications port' on the computer, and secondly the firmware software itself not being 'unzipped/opened' when orignally saved.

Once you click on OK another small box will appear asking you to select the com port being used.

Make sure you know the COM Port being used!
(The picture above is an example only - yours may not be COM PORT 3)

Select the correct COM Port and click OK
Another window will appear...

Click on OK
Another screen will appear as shown below....

The Software should start uploading to your remote head unit.

If this screen appears - NOT GOOD!

Check ALL your settings and follow the instructions again!

'If at first you don't succeed, try and try again'

Once Update is completed, power down the remote head and remove the data cable.
Connect the Remote Head to the Scanner.
Power up the Scanner, then turn on the Remote Head.
Firmware Version should show as Version 2.00.01

If done correctly - the remote head will 'find' the Scanner and the Remote Head unit can now be used to control the Scanner.

Updated 18 July 2013

Comments - Corrections or Suggestions welcome.
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